Thursday, January 10, 2013

Release of portal gun source code & game data

Quake1 portal gun

A portal inspired game using Quake1 engine based on:
Video of the gameplay:

How to play

Controls are defined in autoexec.cfg. It's inspired by wecreatestuff's version of the game:
[p] - portal gun.
[q] - fire blue portal.
[e] - fire yellow portal.
[f] - grab item.
[w][s][a][d] - movement.

How to build the game data

You don't need to have original proprietary Quake 1 game data to play.
Using GNU/Linux:
$ cd openquartz/pak0/
$ make && make install
and it will copy all *.pak files into portal/id1 folder.just switch to that folder and run from command line your favourite quake engine (darkplace or ezQuake...)
Hope you enjoy it!

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