Thursday, November 8, 2012

First meeting of Moroccan game developers

After  several discution in cyberspace we decided to make a meeting in the real world at the Technopark of Casablanca.

It was just an informal meeting to know each other projects, and how we view the video game industry and how we can contribute to it.

Original N64 Zelda game in Arabic (just for fun)

Some of the interesting projects were :
  • Localization of some Rom Hacking retro games of SNES and N64 console.
  • an Android game made using Unity game engine, that take place inside human body shooting bad virus, done by a medical student.
  • a prototype of a 3D brick game done using Micro$oft XNA framework.

then I took the opportunity to presented the OLPC project and the XO laptop, and talk about my game Eviltoys only 3D that work on the XO and how I ported it to PSP console. and form the discussion I got the idea to make a neutral branch of the code so anyone interested in making a 3D educational game for XO laptop can use it as a base to start from.

I also talked quickly on the growing trend in video games known as serious games and that is our opportunity as independent developers as with the huge number of "just for fun" games available on the market, it is hard to compete with them, and more important is that we need to use this technology to make some application that have a real impact on people in education, health...

then we spent the rest of time we debated  Gamification it's impact
and moral implication and effectiveness.

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