Monday, September 3, 2012

Demo of EvilToys running on OLPC laptop

This is the first 3D educational and non violent game to run on the XO-1 laptop, due to lack of 3D acceleration hardware (no OpenGL!) that make it impossible to run any modern game.

The idea behind the use of 3D game on OLPC laptop is to find new ways to teach some concepts that are hard to learn using 2D software or pictures. in it's current form the game try to teach risk awareness to childen living in (post)conflict country danger of unexploded ordnance (munition, cluster bombs, landmines...) and various signs that show possible dangerous area and how to avoid them to stay safe.

You can download experimental .xo package for installation on XO-1 and XO1.5 laptop models here

Next step is to make a English (or other native language) teaching game, the idea is not really new as some institutions are researching the use of virtual worlds in education, like in this video:

Note to developers:

This project (source code + game assets) is Free Software and released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, you can get the source from:
You can find Developer Documentation 
and details on how to contribute new models and how to make game levels (underconstruction)

One Laptop Per Child 7 Years Later

One Laptop Per Child 7 Years Later
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