Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video of EvilToys 3D game running on OLPC laptop

3D game on OLPC laptop XO-1  
(sorry for video quality as been recorded with webcam)

UPDATE: You can download experimental .xo packagae for installation on XO-1 and XO1.5 laptop models here

It is based on a heavily modified Quake1 game, work both on XO-1 and XO-1.5 models as well as any GNU\Linux x86 without the use of OpenGL 3D acceleration (don't need 3D card/chip) which mean it can be used on very old computer and can be ported to tablets or smart phones .

This is just a proof of concept and not the complete game  
you can download a zip of the activity here:

and test it by running ./evil-activity inside the folder where you unziped it.
the source code as well as the game data are released under
 GNU General Public License v2.0  
and can be found on 
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