Saturday, March 17, 2012

EvilToys release version 1.1

In game screenshot

Changes from previous release:
  •  Fix previous release bug, that prevent level from loading. 
  •  Switch from quakeforge engine into darkplaces, which give more modern graphic under recent computer while still maintaining backward compatibility with older computers.
  •   Now the game is playable on the following OS: Window$, Linux-32,Linux 64 bits and Mac OS. 
With this changes I hope to make the game playable not only for kids in developping world where they need it the most.
But also to make it as a tool for rising awareness in other countries who don't suffer from war, landmines and conflict about their problems and possibly rise funds to support demining operation and risk education to children.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Demo of EvilToys Released


 3D Video game to teach life saving behaviour to children

MOROCCO <2012-03-15> - Independent game developer Ahmed Mansour, announce the release of EvilToys, a free 3D video game designed to teach children in war countries, Explosive Remnants of War risk education. 
Landmines and unexploded ordnance are serious problem affecting about 35 country. according to Landmine Monitor report, in 2010, 70% of casualties were civilians and 25% of them were children.

The player navigate in a three dimensional world where he learn to
 recognize various kind kind of hazards, that has been modelled based
 on real weapons and munitions used in Libya and Iraq conflict.
 Through interacting with the virtual world, the child learn safe
 behaviour to adopt in various situations and learn clues that
 indicate potential dangerous area to be avoided. Unlike most video
 game, this one can be old computers and being small size can be
 downloaded quickly over slow internet connection commonly found in
 third world countries which are the most affected by landmines.

The game is not a replacement to other mediums used in risk education
 but instead it complement them and make them more effective, as
 children and teens learn in by doing actions and evaluating their

- The game use 3D model of real life danger signs,
 ordnance, cluster bombs and landmines used Iraq and Libya.

- The game is Open Source software and can be distributed and adapted
 to local needs without restriction.

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