Friday, June 1, 2012

Landmine Awareness Game to Be Developed By RHOK Montreal

This article has beeen published originnaly on Montreal Tech Watch:

RHOK Montreal is hoping to bring new innovation to the old unexploded ammunition problem by teaming up with game developer Ahmed Mansour (@OLPCMorocco).
Random Hacks of Kindness is all about developing high-tech solutions that help solve real life problems, especially in developing countries.
IAU reports that in Iraq alone between 48,000 and 68,000 people have undergone amputations due to Unexploded Ordonances (UXO) and landmines. In regions like Kurdistan 24% of victims were children. Reportalso stipulates that children are not educated enough about the dangers of landmines and UXOs.
Game developer Ahmed Mansour (Morocco) had an idea for an educational game that teaches kids how to avoid landmines that still litter many parts of the world. He assumed that it’s a perfect fit for programs likeComputer Aid International (@Computer_Aid) that donate used computers to people in 3rd world countries.
“Why not load a game on those computers that teach kids how to stay safe” says Ahmed.
The project picked up some momentum, but as time went by the developer started to lose hope. Without contacts and additional coding power the project seemed to be headed for the rocks.
Tide seemed to turn when RHOK heard of the project.
While on the lookout for the next big challenge RHOKmtl organizer and CEO of DecodeGlobal Angelique Manella (@Angemanella) ran into one of Ahmed’s tweets on the IDRC facebook page and decided that it was a perfect fit and that RHOK developers will work on the prototype during the next event.
RHOK events are very similar to hackathons in which developers quickly code working protoypes that are iterated overtime into finished projects.
Most recent example is an Android app that examines water quality using petrifilm and a built-in camera.
Angelique is hopeful about this new collaboration and believes they can make a real difference together.
“If we can save one child with this educational game I consider the project to be a great success”.
ildar khakimov (@ildarius)

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